Why Should Employees Negotiate for an Improved Work Environment?

Your physical work space might not be at the forefront of your mind when you are negotiating the terms of your new job, but it should be. When most people begin the negotiating process for a job they plan to negotiate things like salary, vacation time, benefits, etc. However, your physical work environment can have a huge impact on your ability to perform. People work better and are more productive when conditions are right. So, it might be worth your while to give up that raise if it means you can have a bigger office. Here’s why it’s to your benefit to negotiate for a better work environment. 

It Can Impact Your Mood

Imagine how you feel when you walk into a building that is bright, open, and full of natural light. Now, think about walking into a building that is dark, dingy, and enclosed with no windows. There’s a good chance you would feel happier and more energetic in that first building. The fact is, your physical workspace can significantly impact your mood. Offices that are small, dark, and dirty can have a big effect on your mood and performance. When you consider that you will be spending a huge chunk of your time each week in this space, it is worth your while to negotiate for an upgrade. You want to work in an environment that makes you feel happy. 

You Will Perform Better

Employees feel inspired and stimulated by the environment in which they work. Great energy can be created in an attractive, comfortabl environment and this energy ultimately leads to greater productivity and success. Therefore, you should negotiate for that office by the window or the larger one in the corner. Windows allow natural light into an office, which can contribute to a better mood and can also inspire creativity. When you walk into a space that feels warm and inviting, it’s a place that you want to be and when the workplace is pleasant you will have greater job satisfaction. 

It Can Foster Strong Working Relationships

In addition to a bright, clean, work space with windows and attractive decor, your work environment should also flow well. An open work environment that is not closed off by cubicles can foster group communication and encourage collaboration among employees. If you don’t have your own office, you can certainly negotiate an open work space to help strengthen your communication with your coworkers. A cohesive team leads to positive morale and can help build stronger relationships among employees. As you can see, interpersonal relationships, morale, and your physical work environment are all related. If your job has all of these, you can be the best version of yourself and ultimately the best employee you can be.