What are Interactive Keynotes?
An Interactive Keynote is a powerful session that blends information sharing, learning activities, and personal reflection. Well suited for large groups these interactive keynotes boost negotiating skills and help professionals apply new approaches in the workplace. Do you need a keynote speaker for an upcoming event? Do you want to shift focus within your organization? Or do you need to add energy to a corporate discussion about upcoming projects? These are all perfect scenarios that call for an Interactive Keynote.

How Do Interactive Keynotes Work?
We offer several keynote topics in our current menu and can also customize a keynote especially for your organization. Whether you need to engage employees, motivate a project team, or overcome challenges in current negotiations, we can help. Our keynote speakers tailor all our keynotes to suit a particular audience. Please contact us to discuss our keynote speakers and keynote topics.

Where Do You Deliver Keynotes?
We deliver our interactive keynotes in a variety of venues and have often delivered them in:

  • A company meeting room
  • A conference hall
  • A retreat center
  • Anywhere you like

What Topics Do You Address?
Three of our most popular Interactive Keynotes include:

  • Negotiating With Difficult People
  • Improving Your Success in Negotiations
  • Negotiation strategy and tactics

Negotiating With Difficult People

  • Are your staff troubled by interpersonal conflicts while negotiating
  • Do they spend too much time struggling with difficult colleagues or clients?
  • Would you like to see how positive negotiation behaviors could result in better outcomes?

Dealing with difficult people is challenging. But so too is negotiating. What if your team could learn to communicate better with everyone?  What if they could anticipate and then prevent challenges in business relationships? Once teams learn about likely challenges in the negotiation process they can proactively take steps to prevent and dissolve conflicts before they occur.

In this powerful interactive keynote your team will learn about:

  • 4 behavioral styles that require different negotiation approaches
  • 5 steps to utilize during challenging negotiations
  • 3 conflict resolution strategies to help diffuse conflicts before they grow
  • Negotiation strategy and tactics

Improving Your Success in Negotiations

  • Do your team members wither during important discussions?
  • Do they come away from the table feeling disappointed with the results?
  • Are you open to seeing how your negotiation outcomes can improve with a win-win approach?

Many of us shy away from negotiating. Your staff may feel uncomfortable or inadequate when up against more experienced negotiators. But what if our fears about negotiating skills are in our heads? Join us for this new approach to negotiating success by first realizing that your foe is actually your friend. By using our unique model of Mutuality, Reciprocity, and Respect you’ll find that negotiating becomes a more enjoyable experience when the outcomes work for everyone.

In this powerful interactive keynote your team will learn about:

  • 4 behavioral types and communication preferences
  • 5 key steps to help plan out your approach while negotiating
  • 3 approaches to help you conduct win-win interactions

How Do We Set Up A Keynote For Our Group?

  • Contact Negotiations Training Institute at 1-800-501-1245 to ask us about a keynote for your group
Contact Us for Negotiation Training Solutions
Contact Us for Negotiation Training Solutions

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