The Best Jobs for Natural Negotiators

For many people, the thought of negotiating is enough to cause a stomachache to ensue.  Negotiation can be uncomfortable, nerve-wracking, and unpleasant for those who are shy or introverted. Then, however, there are those who can strike up a conversation with anyone and have the ability to sweet talk their way out of just about any situation. They are confident, likable, and have incredible communication skills.  These people might be considered natural born negotiators.  Luckily for these people, there are plenty of high-paying jobs that allow them to exercise this valuable skill on a daily basis.  Here are just a few of the best jobs for natural negotiators.

Sales Representative ( Average Salary: $65,000)

Sales representatives work for product manufacturers or wholesalers and go from business to business to sell their employer’s goods.  They also sell over the phone, attend trade shows, attend industry conferences, and entertain clients in order to build relationships and make connections.  Negotiation skills are necessary for this job because they need to be able to change their price or make concessions in order to make a sale.  Their communication skills come on handy as they contact customers to explain product features, answer questions, and negotiate prices to close deals.

Lawyer (Average Salary: $133,000)

It comes as no surprise that lawyers would make this list.  Lawyers advise and represent individuals on legal issues and disputes.  Negotiation skills are extremely useful when it comes to representing clients.  After all, their job is essentially full of daily negotiations.  Whether they are trying to settle a lawsuit, part of a criminal defense team, or handling a business law case, lawyers are constantly negotiating.

Real Estate Agent ( Average Salary: $55,000)

Real estate agents work with clients on selling or purchasing a home or property.  They handle several aspects of the sale, including helping their client negotiate a fair price.  This is when negotiation skills become a huge plus for real estate agents.

Sales or Marketing Managers (Average Salary: $115,000)

Managers are responsible for overseeing their team.  They ensure that the vision of the company is carried out by their employees and that employees are performing on target.  Managers need to have strong negotiation skills in order to reach agreements with employees and clients.

Construction Managers (Average Salary: $95,000)

Construction managers plan, coordinate, budget, and supervise construction projects from beginning to end.  Construction projects are often delayed because of contract changes and these managers need to be able to negotiate contract changes in order to ensure success.

Counseling Psychologist (Average Salary: $80,000)

Psychologists deal with cognitive and emotional behaviors by observing and interpreting people and how they relate to their environment.  Clients come to psychologists with various concerns and problems and they can use their negotiation skills to resolve these problems by negotiating a fair solution.