Ride Sharing: Know Your Rights and Negotiate a Better B2B Experience with Uber or Lyft

Ride Sharing: Know Your Rights and Negotiate a Better B2B Experience with Uber or Lyft

Ridesharing has certainly gained popularity in recent years and the concept is widely utilized by businesses across the nation as a means for transporting employees and clients. The perks seem pretty obvious: it’s quick, convenient, and more affordable than taxis or rental cars.  Furthermore, companies like Uber and Lyft have made “hailing a ride” easier than ever with their simple to use apps.  Customers simply request a ride and within minutes their ride has arrived and can take them wherever they need to go.  Recently, Uber and Lyft have even developed a model specifically for business transportation.  Companies can request to have clients picked up from the airport, transported to hotels or events, or even schedule ways for guests to get picked up from events.  These ridesharing companies offer plenty of solutions for the transportation needs of businesses.  Here are a few things businesses can do to negotiate a better ridesharing experience for employees and clients.


Utilize Central Payment

When companies are entertaining clients, they definitely are out to impress.  What better way to impress clients than by offering them free, easy, and convenient transportation while they are in your city?  Businesses can negotiate payment methods with Uber and Lyft where the fares are charged to a company account.  This eliminates the need for the client to be reimbursed and it also allows the company to control who has access to the account. Your client’s commuting experience will be easy and enjoyable.


Eliminate Expensing for Employees

Companies want their employee to feel valued and it’s the little things that can go a long way.  When your employees are traveling, make their experience a little easier and more enjoyable by providing transportation through Uber or Lfyt.  When you utilize the business model of Uber or Lyft, you create a business account that automatically charges the company and your employee no longer has to worry about keeping up with receipts and expensing every ride.


Negotiate for Better Cars

If your company is planning to use Uber or Lyft for your next business event, don’t forget to call and try to negotiate better cars for your clients.  After all, Uber and Lyft want to impress their business customers just as much as you want to impress your clients.  You can negotiate with ride sharing companies for larger vehicles and newer vehicles to pick up your clients. You only get one chance to make a good first impression so go for the best ride available!


Take Advantage of the Perks

Companies may or may not have the ability to negotiate the actual fare of their rides, but they can negotiate the perks.  Leverage for upgraded vehicles, additional reward points, or flexible payment methods.