Request Feedback from Employees for Negotiations with Managers

Companies are built on professional relationships and perhaps no relationship is more critical than that of employee/manager. The foundation for a strong relationship comes from effective communication, which is why employee feedback is essential for the long-term success of any company. Many companies understand the value of customer feedback, but many are missing out on a more valuable source: their own employees. It is essential to understand how employees feel in order to negotiate effectively with their managers. It would be impossible to negotiate new ideas and solutions with your management team without first understanding the needs of their employees and team members. Here are a few tips for getting actionable and honest feedback from your employees that will aid in future negotiations with managers. 

Create a Two-Way Performance Review

There is no doubt that employees should receive regular performance reviews. They need to know where they are excelling and what areas need more improvement. This is the only way for them to build their skills. However, the same is true for their managers. Managers should also have a clear understanding of how they are performing in the eyes of their employees. That’s why it can be extremely beneficial for managers to ask for an employee evaluation at the same time as they give one. This gives employees a chance to provide honest feedback about their manager’s performance. 

Allow for Anonymous Feedback

Though anonymous feedback may or may not be trustworthy, many employees might feel intimidated to give honest feedback face-to-face. Anonymous feedback makes it much easier for employees to vent in a safe environment where they won’t feel like their job is threatened. Though not all feedback should be anonymous, there should be times when this is allowed so employees feel comfortable being honest. 

Embrace Transparency

It’s time that companies go even further beyond the anonymous reviews and suggestion box on the wall and start cultivating a work environment where employees are encouraged to share ideas, make suggestions, and speak their truth. By encouraging employee feedback, managers are creating a work culture where employees feel valued, engaged, and empowered to speak honestly. Companies should embrace this transparency and let it be the foundation for negotiating solutions and formulating new ideas. 

Take Action

Going through the motions is completely irrelevant if you aren’t prepared to take action based on the feedback you receive. You don’t have to accept every suggestion and implement every idea, but employees’ input should certainly be taken into consideration during future negotiations with management. Give employees assurance that their opinions are valued and their ideas are being considered.