Negotiating with Teen Customers

If you have every watched a toddler playing on an iPad you might be in awe of their ability to correctly navigate the device.  Many adults struggle with figuring out why their app won’t update while a two-year old is sitting beside them putting them to shame with their knowledge of how to use an iPad.  The point is, by the time these kids are 7 or 8, they will probably be more tech savvy than many adults.  This group of children is known as Generation Z.  They are the first generation to grow up with technology right from the start.  As millennials are getting older, the Gen Z population is growing quickly. In fact, this generation (ages 19 and under) makes up a quarter of America’s population and will account for around 40% of all consumers by the year 2020.  Therefore, it is important to understand what these consumers are looking for and exactly how to negotiate and market to them.

You Have to Know Your Stuff

When it comes to negotiating and marketing with Gen Z, it has never been as important to be extremely knowledgeable about your product and/or industry.  This generation is highly connected and knowledgeable in large part due to their life-long use of social media platforms and ability to find an answer to anything instantaneously.  Thanks to Google, Alexa, and Siri, this generation has always had immediate access to information.  So in short…you can’t fool these kids.


Authenticity Goes a Long Way

This socially and politically conscious generation is proactive about making the world a better place and their brand choices and loyalty reflect that.  Want to get them on your side?  Show them that you are passionate about world issues.  Inform them of what you and your business are doing to improve the quality of our world.  This generation wants to support brands that take a stance on important issues and show that they really care.  They connect with and support brands that are authentic.


Let Them do the Advertising for You

This is a generation that has been raised by influencers.  They like to see their peers using a product or supporting a cause.  They also like to post content to their social media channels and let it get noticed.  They are not swayed by celebrity and expert endorsements.  Rather, this generation is the endorsement.  Therefore, give them opportunities to create and share their own content about your product and brand.


The Price Needs to be Right

The term “competitive pricing” has never been so pertinent.  Price is a major factor for this generation and thanks to the internet they have the ability to compare prices at the touch of a finger.  No amount of negotiating or marketing can make them buy something if the price isn’t right.


It is important to note that this generation is highly technical, very brand savvy, and deeply connected to the world around them.  They have spent their entire lives surrounded by digital content and technology and they know how to filter through it all.  They pride themselves on their ability to communicate authentically across digital platforms as well as through real world experiences.  When it comes to negotiating and marketing to this generation, keep it real. They will be the first to let you know if you don’t!