Keeping Emotions Out Of Conflict Resolution

In any professional environment it is inevitable that conflicts will arise. This can mean anything from customer service problems to disputes among co-workers in the office. In any case, one thing is certain…it is imperative to be aware and manage emotions in order to move toward resolution. In the heat of the moment, this can be a difficult thing to do. The following techniques can help prevent conflicts and reach agreements.

Recognize Negative Emotions
Before any conflict can be resolved you must first recognize the negative feelings you have associated with the person or problem. These can be feelings of anger, resentment, or mistrust that have come up as a result of the conflict. It is important to become aware and manage these emotions in order to prevent them from getting in the way of resolution.

Be A Good Listener
One way to diffuse emotions during conflict is to be a good listener and allow the other person to vent. Regardless of whether you agree with their feelings, they will appreciate being heard and you will have a better understanding of why they are angry. This will also prevent arguing and yelling among customers and co-workers.

Take A Time-Out
Despite our initial desire to solve the problem immediately, sometimes it is best to delay the discussion. This gives you time to collect your thoughts and your composure. Once you have calmed down and have all information at hand, you will be ready to move forward with resolution.

Put Yourself In Their Shoes
There are two sides to any problem and it can be very helpful to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. If you try to see things from their perspective, it can help you to come up with a solution that will better fit their needs.

Be Sincere
Rather than getting angry with a customer or co-worker, be respectful of their feelings. Try to understand that you also play a role in the situation and it is your responsibility to help resolve it. This might mean a sincere apology if mistakes have been made or just taking responsibility for the part you played. Either way, it is important to be sincere and do the right thing!

By managing emotions in the midst of conflict, you are able to better understand the situation in order to move toward resolution. This is a valuable skill in the workplace that can help you to be more successful. Employees that are aware of their emotions are more productive and more pleasant to work with.