How to Get Out of a Sales Slump

Sales is a roller coaster with plenty of ups and downs but the sign of a great salesperson is the ability to maintain control and manage their mood through the highs and lows.  All salespeople have experienced those days when they seem to be on fire and other days when it seems like they have tried everything but can’t seem to get business to close.  In this instance, the greatest danger for a salesperson is the loss of confidence. There is no doubt that circumstances might cause our confidence to be shaken, but anyone who has spent time in sales will attest that this happens to everyone from time to time.  If you notice things slowing down and find yourself at a loss, here are some things to try to pull yourself out of a sales slump.

  1. Review Your Account List

Go back and take a look at your account list to remind yourself of the clients you haven’t talked to in a while.  It can help you reconnect with someone who might have been interested but slipped off the radar while you were working a big account.

  1. Block Some Time for Calls

Set aside a 30 minutes time slot to make several calls.  While no salespeople enjoy the idea of cold calling, it can sometimes get a conversation in motion with a potential client.  You can even go through your existing account list and call people you already know to ask for referrals.

  1. Analyze Your Behavior

It seems simple enough, but if what you are doing isn’t working try a different approach.  Analyze one or two of your most recent customer encounters.  Start at the beginning and review each stage of the sales process.  Look for things that went well and find things you could have done better.  Come up with a new plan for future sales meetings.

  1. Find a Mentor

Never be too proud to ask for help.  During a sales slump, it can always be beneficial to seek the advice of someone a little more experienced.  Ask for their opinion and advice and take notes so you can review them later on.

  1. Take a Break

It might sound counterintuitive but sometimes what people need to get them going again is a nice break.  Take some time off to clear your head and get rejuvenated before hitting the calls again.  It’s hard to make a sale when you’ve exhausted all your energy and you are feeling overwhelmed.

  1. Try Networking

Spend some time joining networking groups or philanthropic events that are related to your industry.  Attending a cocktail hour or social gathering can be a great way to mingle and meet people.  Interacting with people in a positive setting can foster future relationships.

  1. Educate Yourself

There are a number of great sales books, presentations, or sales podcasts that can motivate you and offer some fresh ideas.  Take the time to delve into one or more of these activities and have fun trying some of the new techniques.