4 Ways Negotiation Skills Will Help Your Career

While hard work, determination, and a bit of good luck all play a big role in getting ahead in the workplace, the ability to negotiate is another key ingredient that is often overlooked.  When an employee has the ability to recognize and capitalize on opportunities, they are more likely to advance in their career.  Because everything in the workplace is constantly up for negotiation, the advantages of possessing strong negotiation skills will help you get ahead.  In today’s increasingly competitive market, the ability to negotiate effectively is more valuable than ever before.  Let’s take a look at four ways strong negotiation skills can be beneficial for your career.

You Know How to Create a Win-Win Situation

Contrary to what many believe, a successful negotiation does not involve a winner and a loser.  Rather, negotiation has nothing to do with “beating” the other party.  Rather, the best negotiators are the ones who can create a win-win situation in which all parties involved walk out the door thinking the deal was a good one.  This will be beneficial when dealing with customer relationships, negotiating salary increases, dealing with co-workers, and even interviewing for a promotion. There is no question that finding a deal that makes everyone happy is a difficult task, but that is why this type of negotiator is so highly valued.

Good Negotiators are Well-Respected

Respect is an essential part of business.  If you want to get the most out of your employees it is important that they respect you.  The same is true when you are trying to negotiate with vendors, clients, or colleagues.  Someone who is a successful negotiator is likely to leave a lasting impression on those they communicate with, earning their respect.  You will not be looked at as a pushover, but rather someone who knows how to effectively communicate to create a win-win outcome.  This will help you to earn the respect of co-workers, managers, and clients. You are more likely to stand out, increasing your opportunity for advancement in the workplace.

Good Negotiators are Good Communicators

In order to be a successful negotiator, it is imperative that you can communicate effectively with your counterpart.  That involves actively listening to the other party in order to address their needs.  Good negotiators also know how to express themselves in a way that is clear, concise, and convincing.  This type of communication skill will serve you well in terms of career advancement.  Businesses want employees who can communicate well with their team and their clients.  Therefore, the ones who demonstrate the best communication skills are more likely to be considered for advancement and promotions.

You Will Become an Asset to Your Company

The goal of any business is to make a profit and that’s exactly what good negotiators are able to do.  Someone who has vast knowledge and experience with negotiating is far more likely to close more deals and bring in more revenue.  Your ability to negotiate effectively and close deals will make you a huge asset to your company and will ultimately lead to advancement opportunities.

Learning how to be an effective negotiator can be challenging and takes a great deal of practice but in the end it will reap great benefits for your career.  Good negotiators are more valuable to a company, making them much more likely to be considered for salary increases and promotions.