3 Qualities of a Great Salesperson

If you have ever been involved with sales, then you know that it’s not for the faint of heart.  Whether you are selling a pair of sneakers or pitching to a group of investors, making the sale depends on the appearance, knowledge, and charisma of the salesperson.  Not everyone is born with a natural knack for sales, but there are several qualities that you can learn to possess in order to be more successful.


Great salespeople don’t sit around waiting for orders.  They are go-getters and take the initiative to find clients.  They know their livelihood depends on their ability to close deals and they are willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen.  They take the time to learn the ins and outs of the product.  They spend time talking with clients in order to build a personal relationship with them.  They know how to emotionally connect with clients in order to meet their needs.  If there is something to be sold, a good salesperson will put in the effort necessary to make it happen.


A great salesperson isn’t afraid to strike up a conversation with anyone.  They enjoy meeting new people and they take a genuine interest in others.  They understand the power of networking and make it a point to get involved in various charities or organizations.  Most importantly, however, they enjoy talking to people and they know how to build personal relationships with clients that pay dividends over time.  People are much more likely to buy from someone they like, and a good salesperson knows how to get along well with others.  Likability goes a long way in sales, and that’s why people who are personable are successful in this field.


You have to learn to be thick-skinned if you are going to make it in sales.  At some point, everyone has to become familiar with the word “no.” Rejection is a very real part of sales and a great salesperson isn’t easily discouraged.  They don’t take it personally when they don’t get the sale.  Rather, they are confident and persistent.  They are not willing to just sit back and take “no” for an answer, but they are quick on their feet and continue working the lead.  Instead of giving up, a great salesperson seeks to understand their client’s problems in order to find a solution that best fits their needs. Their drive and determination makes them successful over time.

It is important for businesses to pay close attention to the recruitment process of salespeople.  These are just a few of the qualities to look for when hiring a salesperson.  The sales team is the heart of any business, so it is important to have the right people who understand how to relate to people and convince customers to buy.