Welcome to the Negotiations Training Institute where we work with you and your organization to strengthen negotiation skills through onsite negotiation training courses, executive coaching in negotiations, open enrollment negotiation courses, interactive negotiation keynotes, or private intensives.

The ability to successfully negotiate is an essential business skill. Yet, many professionals need help recognizing ineffective negotiation practices, learning new negotiation skills, and developing self-awareness during a negotiation process. At the Negotiations Training Institute, we offer five key negotiation training courses to grow your teams' ability to successfully negotiate in the workplace. All of our negotiation training courses includes a detailed exploration of our Five Phase Negotiation Process and are based on our unique model of Mutuality, Proactivity and Respectâ„¢. In addition, all of our training solutions involve interactive exercises, dynamic role plays and a close examination of how to manage negotiation tactics that quickly derail even experienced negotiators. Call us today at 1-800-501-1245 to learn more about our negotiation training course solutions for you and your team.

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Ask us about training testimonials from past clients with whom we have worked. Check out our negotiations case studies to learn how other companies have improved their negotiations skills through our interactive training solutions. And organize for our expert negotiations team to bring the knowledge, skills, and expertise you need to develop advanced negotiation skills in your workplace. Call us today at 1-800-501-1245 to learn more about our full complement of negotiations training solutions.